If you’ve ever thought about asset management software and what it is, the most basic answer is it’s a kind of software package that was developed to help businesses track the various software packages used in the business to make sure they are working properly and to keep software licenses up to date to avoid potential legal issues.

You can find several brands of management software by doing a search at Google.com for “IT management software”. The number of options returned can make choosing one an overwhelming decision. To make it easier it is recommended that you investigate the features of 3 products at a minimum.

Any decent IT management solution should have the ability to track all software installed on your network. In addition, it should also have the capability to locate other software assets that may be of benefit to your company. If your assets will be geolocated,any software under consideration should have this feature.

In addition to features, you should also consider the usability factor of the software. For best results, consider choosing a software package that can be easily modified and that is easy to use. This ease of use will allow your IT guy to focus on more important issues instead of spending his time on problems that others should be able to handle.

Reporting is another important requirement to look out for. By choosing a management software with a detailed reporting feature, you will have the ability to track the performance of your assets to determine which ones are under performing and may need to be replaced.

Another important factor to consider is how much customer support will be available after purchasing. Because you aren’t an expert on the software, it’s important that you have access to people who are, especially in theimages beginning stages where you’re trying to get the software up and running. Therefore it is important that any management software package comes with around the clock technical support. At an absolute minimum, chat support must be available.

PCMag.com has rated several IT asset management brands highly, including AssetExplorer, Sysaid and Asset Panda. SolarWinds Web and ServiceNow also come highly recommended.

If possible, you should test out several products to find the one that works best for you. This will help you to avoid making a costly mistake by allowing you to eliminate the software packages that will not work well for your company or that may not be compatible with your computer system. Distributors of asset management software understand how important this is, so most offer trial periods on their software that typically lasts up to a month.

What is the total cost of IT management software? That depends on your situation. The price is usually dictated by the specific needs of each company, so you’ll have to contact the distributor directly to get a quote based on your situation. By answering a few questions, they will be able to put together a custom package that will work best for you. You can find out more about software asset management from Justsamit.