Many stores offer customer loyalty programs. When a customer joins one of these programs, they earn certain benefits. Some people use these programs when traveling such as using bonus points for airfare or hotels. Loyalty programs typically offer bonus points or cash rewards for using their services. A customer can earn points simply by shopping for groceries, buying gas or shopping for clothes. These programs were initially created to retain customers and incentivize them to return to a particular store.

Today, there are thousands of different loyalty programs. They are usually very easy to join and the sign up is simple. Most companies offer their programs right at the cash register or online. There is no credit check and the points earned are based on how much the customer spends. Some programs tally the point total at the end of the month and send the customer cash back and some offer discounts on certain items such as gas or food. Customers can save money using these types of loyalty programs.

The Way They Work

Most loyalty programs are very easy to join. The customer simply signs up by completing an application either at the store or online. These programs go by many names. They may be called rewards programs, points programs, or advantage cards. Whatever the name, they are all the same. The more a customer spends, the more points, cash, or benefits they accrue. The purchases usually have to be at or through a particular company. Many programs allow customers to bank points until they can be used for a particular purchase such as a plane ticket. Almost all of these programs give their loyalty program members a card that is presented at the time of purchThere is usually a barcode or a magnetic strip that helps the company keep track of what their customers are buying.

Cards To Be Avoidedcards-hero-loyalty

Some programs sound like a good idea, but when you look more closely at them, they aren’t worth it. Never sign up for a program that requires you to pay a fee, either monthly or annual. This is because many of these programs are not worth the annual or monthly fee. If you know you’ll be using the card a lot, it may be worth the fee, but be sure to calculate the projected savings vs the amount in fees before you sign up. For example, if you join a loyalty program that costs $10 a month, but gives you free shipping on every purchase and guarantees you’ll get your products in one to two days, it may be worth the fee if you make at least one purchase a month and the shipping to receive your package in one to two days is around $10.

Look for customer loyalty programs in your area by asking at the stores you frequent. Most of the time, the stores will post information or advertise their loyalty programs. They can really help if you frequently shop at a particular store, especially if they offer discounts on items you use. Before you sign up for any program, carefully read all the terms and conditions. Depending on the type of rewards the program provides, they can prove to be very helpful. For example, if you fly frequently, paying for your airfare with a credit card that gives you airline bonus points can eventually earn you a free flight.

Customer loyalty programs can be a good idea. Check on programs offered by the stores you frequent or the airlines or hotels you prefer. Read more about this with Star Solutions loyalty program.