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The Best Ways To Locate Web Developers In Malaysia For Your Business

Modern-day businesses are always going to need to use a website in order to showcase the products they are selling. More people today than ever before are using the Internet in order to purchase what they need. Of course, they can add to the local store if they would like to pick something up right away. However, even though stores are still available, people find it much easier to order things online and have it delivered to their front door. Companies like Amazon have really taken off, allowing them to corner the market on this trend that so many people are following. The ability to order products on your phone, or from your PC at home, is becoming the standard by which people order things today. For you to take part in this trend with the products that you are selling, you should find a web developer Malaysia to help you create a website. If you are in Malaysia, it’s very simple to locate one of the best web developers that can help you get your website up and running soon.

A Couple Things To Consider Before Hiring These Companies

If you are going to hire these companies, you need to evaluate them before you decide to start paying them for their services. First of all, look at the portfolio that they have online, showcasing the different companies that they have helped in Malaysia and perhaps in other countries. If you like the graphics that they have produced, and the functionality of the website, these of the companies that you will want to consider. You will then request an estimate from these companies that look promising, and from that you can determine who you should start working with. They will initially talk with you, get a few ideas from you, and then they will work on a prototype website. This may take several weeks to complete, but by the end of the process, you will have the exact website that you envisioned in your mind now presenting your products.

How To Get Discounts When You Are Working With These Web Developers

Malaysian web developers are no different than any of the others that are in the world today. They are competing against all of the other companies offering similar services. You will get multiple quotes from these businesses, and you can use that information to your advantage in order to get them to potentially lower their prices. For example, if you really like the work of one company that is offering their services at a higher price than all of the others, you can reference the other quotes that you have received. This will give you some leverage, allowing you to perhaps get to work with one of these companies that can give you the best website for an even lower price.

What Your Final Website Design Should Include?

Your website should have a few things to ensure that you will make more sales once they have come up with the final design. It should have a logo representing your company in the form of a header graphic, preferably small and off to the left or right. You should have two or three columns on your website, allowing you to organize the different categories that you have on one side, and special offers that you have on the other. You should also have a way of getting subscribers, and a shopping cart where they can add all of their products. These are things that must be on a website if you decide to work with one of these Malaysian web developers to help you improve your business.

Your final choice should be the best company for the job. Even if you have to pay a little bit more, it’s nice to work with a company that seems to have the skills that you are looking for. Once they are done, you will start to notice that you are making more sales because your bounce rate will diminish, people will spend more time on your website, and this will inevitably lead to profits.

Get A Point Of Sale System In Malaysia Today

If you are going to do business in the world today, you need to have a point-of-sale system if you have a physical store. When you go into any department store, grocery store, or any other place of business, transactions happen through the POS system. You will need to work with a company that can provide you with the systems that will be able to do the transactions. They must be able to take cash, checks, money orders, and credit cards and debit cards. To find a company that is going to provide you with the best possible service, here is an overview of where you can find these businesses.

Where To Find POS Systems In Malaysia

These companies are located all throughout Malaysia, from the smallest to the largest cities. If you do a search online, you will see the top company show up at the top of the search listings. There will likely be several of them, and you will need to evaluate each one before you start working with them. You need to consider how much they are going to charge you for every transaction, and the monthly fees that they will be charging you as well. There is also the ease of use for not only your employees, but also customers. Once you have evaluated all of these companies, you will be able to choose one that you can use with your business.

How To Get Discounts On POS Systems

You can save a lot of money on POS systems by comparing different companies that are currently offering special prices. What you have found these special prices that are offered, you can compare the different systems. You will need to choose one that will be perfect for your particular business. For example, you might have a large business where you will need to have multiple check stands open, or you may only have one or two points of sale for your employees. Whatever it is that you need, you can talk to each of the companies and talk to them about the different options that they have available. You can then decide on which one will work best for you.

How Long Will It Take Them To Set Everything Up?

It’s only going to take them a few days to get everything to you. If you are working with a larger company, they will send someone out to your location in order to hook everything up. They will probably provide you with some type of training for you and your employees. That way, you will understand exactly what to do. You will also have the ability to call their customer service number if you ever have any questions. The larger the company, the easier this is going to be. Best of all, companies such as IRC that are the largest that are distributing more POS systems in Malaysia than anyone else likely have the best system which are the easiest to learn and use.

The research that you do should not take you any longer than a day. You will want to contact the businesses that look the most promising. Once you have found these companies, evaluate them as quickly as you can, and then set up a time for them to come out and install the system. It is really that easy to get started in Malaysia with the physical store where you can take orders, or process sales, using POS systems that are available in Malaysia.

The Need For Penetration Testing Services In Malaysia

Also known as pen test or pen testing, penetration testing is the test drill in a particular network, computer system, or Web application to find its vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage by hackers and any online attacks. It can be automated using software applications or manually performed. Regardless, a pen test entails reconnaissance to identify possible entry points, threat modeling, vulnerability analysis, attempt break-ins (either real-time or through virtual simulation), and reporting the findings and recommendations to the company.

Penetration Testing’s primary goal is to determine security weaknesses to better prepare in cases like a breach of a computer network. Also, it is used to test if the organization is compliant with its security policy and if employees are aware of its safety procedures. Pen testing is sometimes referred to as white hat because the ones who attempts to break-in are the good guys.

Many companies in Malaysia offers the services of pen tests, and each has different strategies and methodologies to do so. Here are some of the approaches to penetration testing from Firmus.

– Targeted Testing. Also known as the lights-turned-on approach, targeted testing is a pen test conducted in collaboration with the enterprise’s IT department and the penetration testing team. Any information about the target and the network design is available for everyone to see.

A targeted testing approach can be cost-effective and more efficient as compared to the other pen test techniques when the objective of the simulation is focused more on the technical side or design of the network. However, the lights-turned-on approach may not give a complete picture of your company’s IT system, weaknesses, and response capabilities.

– External Testing. It is a kind of pen testing that focuses on the business’ externally visible servers like DNS or domain name servers, Web servers, e-mail servers, or firewalls. The goal of the test is to determine if hackers can get in and the extent of the breach once they get access.

– Internal Testing. It is the type of penetration testing that attacks behind the firewall of your IT system authorized with standard access privileges. Internal testing is done to test the havoc a resentful employee can cause and how to do damage control once exploited.

– Blind Testing. It is a pen test simulating the actions and procedures of a real attacker but severely limiting the information given to the individual beforehand. Usually, the name of the company is the only given data. Blind testing can be expensive since it requires a significant amount of reconnaissance time.

– Double Blind Testing. It is a pen test that takes blind testing to the next level. This time, only one or two people inside the organization are aware of the simulation being conducted. The primary goal of the double blind test is to monitor the company’s IT system, and it’s response procedures once an incident is identified.

Penetration testing is imperative to be better prepared for any online attacks. As the saying goes, “In a time of peace, prepare for war.”

In the world where malware attacks are getting sophisticated, business enterprises in Malaysia and in other countries, for that matter, are aware of the need to make their computer networks the highest-quality possible. Learn more about penetration testing through the Firmus website.

Students expose Minuteman Gilchrist as Violent Racist

Dear Campaign Supporters,
We here in California are all too familiar with the so-called Minutemen and their history of vicious attacks on the immigrant community. Their leader, James Gilchrist, supports tearing apart families by deporting parents away from their children and he supports building a bigger wall on the border that will lead to many more deaths. I am proud that my campaign has taken a clear stand for amnesty for all undocumented workers, demands the demilitarization of the border and the tearing down of the murderous wall, and has helped mobilize protests against Gilchrist and his thugs. Below you will read about a protest of hundreds of students at Columbia University in New York who protested against Gilchrist spreading his racist garbage on their campus. Video of the event clearly shows one of Gilchrist’s thugs kicking a Latino student in the head during the protest. As a former Columbia student (who was myself suspended from classes for protesting Columbia’s racist treatment of the Harlem community), I fully support the actions taken by the students against Gilchrist. I encourage you to read the information below and send messages of support to the students. I am 100% certain that the Columbia University authorities will now attempt to expel students and repress student organizations who took part in this protest to defend civil rights. Therefore, I encourage you to contact Columbia’s administration and demand the rights of student protesters be respected.
In Solidarity,
Todd Chretien
Green Party candidate US Senate, California
Below is information about the student protest at Columbia University:
***Please forward everywhere***
On October 4, the College Republicans at Columbia University hosted Minuteman Project founder Jim Gilchrist. The Minutemen are known for inciting racist violence against immigrants. In an exercise of free speech, students unfurled a banner on the stage reading “No One is Illegal”, prompting audience members to join them on the stage with another banner with the message, “No to Racism”. These peaceful protesters were violently assaulted. Below is their initial statement published the night of the protest as well as a link to a video showing parts of the event. They are now under attack from the administration and potentially face disciplinary charges.
Please support them by signing the online petition at
The students are also soliciting letters of support and solidarity, which can be sent to them at [email protected] .
Statement of the Student Protestors:
We celebrate free speech: for that reason we allowed the Minutemen to speak, and for that same reason we peacefully occupied the stage and spoke ourselves. Our peaceful protest was violently attacked by members of the College Republicans and their supporters, who are the very same people who invited the Minutemen to our campus in the first place. The Minutemen are not a legitimate voice in the debate on immigration. They are a racist, armed militia who have declared open hunting season on immigrants, causing countless hate crimes and over 3000 deaths on the border. Why should exploitative corporations have free passes between nations, but individual people not? No human being is illegal.
-Those who occupied the stage

Principles for an Effective Marathon

Principles for an Effective Anti-War Movement

On July 12, 25,000 people in San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and other cities took part in protests against the Israeli/American war. These protests showed the Arab world, and specifically our brothers and sisters in Lebanon and Gaza that there is opposition to our government’s policies. They are a good start. But you have to ask the question: why after a month of Israeli war on Lebanon and three-and-a-half years of US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan did so few people come out to protest? Where was Where were the “anti-war” Democratic leaders? While 60% of the American population opposes the endless occupation of Iraq, the anti-war movement itself still accepts many ideas that weaken it. These ideas will not be overcome quickly, but they must be openly raised and debated.


The United States dominates the Middle East. It occupies Iraq, funds Arab client states and arms Israel to the teeth. In this situation, the US and Israel are brutally oppressing the majority via military power and economic robbery. Basic democratic principles require Americans to oppose our government’s actions and to stand squarely for self-determination for Arab people. It is not the American anti-war movement’s job to lecture the people the Middle East on how to conduct their resistance. You do not have to agree with all of Hezbollah’s ideas to support their resistance to Israel. Condemning “both sides” in the Middle East is just like condemning “both sides” in the American Civil War.


Democrats and Republicans alike vilify Islam. Bush’s latest phrase is “Islamic fascists.” Too many anti-war activists have bought into the lie that Islam is a danger. The idea that Islam’s ideas are more “conservative” than Christianity or Judaism is ridiculous. The media-created myth that Arabs and Muslim’s aren’t “ready for democracy” or that they “just like to kill each other” are racist to the core. Muslims and Arabs in the US bare the brunt of the “war on terror.” The anti-war movement needs to shake off its Islamophobia and make sustained and aggressive efforts to reach out to Arabs and Muslims in the United States to bring them into the heart of the anti-war movement.


Israel is a racist state. It has separate laws for Arabs and Jews. The leader of the South African trade union COSATU recently stated that he thinks that the Palestinians face worse conditions than Blacks faced during South African Apartheid. There will never be peace in the Middle East as long as the Zionist state is given a blank check from the United States to treat the Palestinian people as less than human. Israel is part of the American empire and is key to US plans for permanent domination of the Middle East. If we ever want to see our troops come home from Iraq, then the anti-war movement must fight to cut off all American aid to Israel.

Waiting for Hilary

As outlined above, the Democratic Party continues to exercise a profound influence on the anti-war movement. Just as in 2004, when the movement demobilized to get behind John “I’ll send more troops to Iraq” Kerry, today, the movement is paralyzed waiting for Hilary Clinton, or some other savior, like Russ Feingold, to “end the Bush regime.” Bush is a problem, but he is not the problem. Of course, no serious anti-war person believes the Democrats will bring peace to the world; however, too many anti-war people still believe that the Democrats will bring us closer to peace. This idea has a real impact on political organizing. That is why fighting to keep the Green Party absolutely independent of the two-party system is so vital.

What Next?

The anti-war movement must put itself on a new footing. We must build a movement that stands for self-determination, rejects vilification of Islam and openly embraces Arabs and Muslim forces, fights to cut ties with Israel and severs its allegiance to the Democratic Party. The people of Lebanon and Gaza have paid too high a price in their own blood for us to not take these lessons to heart here in the belly of the beast. The Million Votes for Peace campaign is a small contribution to this effort.

About Todd

Todd Chretien grew up in Maine on a horse farm with his younger brother Joel and his parents Mike and Eileen. In 1988, at the age of 18, he became the youngest elected delegate for Jesse Jackson at the Maine State Democratic Party convention. After a year at Middlebury College, Todd spent eight months in El Salvador and Nicaragua as a human rights worker and English teacher.

In 1991, he entered Columbia University and became a leading student activist in the movement against the First Gulf War. Soon after, Todd joined the International Socialist Organization and has been an active member since. While at Columbia, Todd helped lead a successful effort to defend need-blind admissions, and an unsuccessful campaign to prevent Columbia from bulldozing the Audubon Ballroom, where Malcolm X was assassinated. For his efforts, he was suspended from classes along with the leader of the Black Students Union in 1994.
Todd moved to the East Bay in 1994 and has lived there ever since. In that time he has been active in dozens of organizing coalitions from defending affirmative action to global justice actions against the FTAA, and WTO to the wars in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. He was the lead rank and file organizer in the attempt to unionize the Cesar Chavez Student Center at San Francisco State University for SEUI 790. In 2003, as a member of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, he helped stop the execution of Kevin Cooper at San Quentin prison and worked to prevent the execution of Stan Tookie Williams.
Todd served as the statewide student organizer for Ralph Nader’s presidential and Medea Benjamin’s senatorial campaigns in 2000. He also has volunteered for Renee Saucedo and Matt Gonzalez’s campaigns in San Francisco and for Aimee Allison’s campaign in Oakland. In 2004, Todd served as the Northern California Field Coordinator for the Nader/Camejo ticket. In 2005, Todd helped author and organized Proposition I (the College Not Combat initiative) that passed with 60% of the vote in San Francisco on November 8.
Todd is a frequent contributor to, the International Socialist Review, Socialist Worker newspaper. He lives in Oakland with his wife Jessie Muldoon and his three-year-old daughter.
Residence: Oakland CA
Age: 36
Occupation: Writer

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